Custom WORK

My Design Process

It starts with an idea and we work together in a way that meets your schedule to come to a design solution. My aesthetic is clean and simple embracing the beauty inherent to wood. I am inspired by mid century design and how these styles can fit in our smaller Seattle homes. Throughout the entire process communication is key. In the end I want you to love your piece of furniture. 

DESIGN to Construction

With the idea we sit down together and walk through design inspirations, sketches while chatting, or modeling with cardboard. We get creative, making sure we come to the best design that matches your needs. If possible I visit your place to determine fit and get a feel for the space. We can also do this through photos if needed. A final sketch serves as the blueprint for construction and along with the financial estimate is our agreement before I get started.  During this phase we make final decisions about the type of wood, the construction details and finishing. We agree upon a delivery timeline. I like being on time. 




Once construction has begun I share with you progress photos. I have found people really enjoy seeing the process. I prefer a hybrid approach to building, I break down the rough wood with machines and then move to hand tools for the sizing, joinery and details. This allows me to choose the most interesting grain patterns and to get the most from the wood itself. 

if you're just exploring an idea or have some general questions please feel free to contact me.